Can You Buy Employee Engagement?

Workplace experts argue there's a strong correlation between what employees are paid and how engaged they are. Academics, however, believe that pay has little relation to satisfaction.

So, why is there a disconnect?

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Research shows that a host of factors impact how we feel about our pay, including level of pay, individual motivations for making money, how much those around us make, and our own performance level. Of those, level of pay has the most significant impact on overall feelings of satisfaction – it positively affects engagement up to a specific point, and has drastic negative effects on employees who aren’t making a living wage.  And with employee engagement top-of-mind in so many organizations, it’s critical that HR leaders understand these complex relationships that center on pay as they look to design and implement compensation plans.

Download this new white paper from employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen to learn:

  • The complex role that compensation plays in employee engagement
  • The myriad factors that impact how employees (and HR professionals) feel about pay
  • Why transparency and flexibility are top-of-mind for HR leaders who want to evolve the way their organizations approach compensation programs
  • How changes to your compensation philosophy could dramatically improve the work experience for you employees

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