Making Fair Pay Fair

Attorney Heather Bussing examines the laws and regulations that cover fair pay and pay transparency, as well as why these concepts are vital to the health of your business.

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Even with all of the rules, regulations, and guidance, the concept of fair pay is difficult to understand and even more difficult to achieve. The regulatory requirements around fair pay and pay transparency can be time-consuming and sometimes cause companies to become mired in the complex regulatory framework, rather than thinking about what's best for their business and their employees.

However, the benefits of keeping, reporting, and reviewing the data far outweigh the burdens. Understanding and correcting pay inequities will reduce the risk of compliance issues and discrimination lawsuits. And treating people fairly is also an important part of creating a workplace that rewards great work.

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  • How legal experts define 'fair pay' and 'pay transparency'

  • Why these concepts are important for the health of your business - both in terms of legal compliance and employee engagement

  • Which federal, state, and local laws apply to fair pay and pay transparency

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