The Future of Pay: Preparing for Tomorrow's Compensation Conversation

When compensation data and tools are widely available, it’s no longer excusable for leaders to say that compensation data shouldn’t be a part of their management process.

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This on-demand webinar explores that although compensation typically makes up the largest single line item in a manager's budget, most leaders are reluctant to really look at how compensation is shaping their ability to hire, engage, and retain talent. New research from Aptitude Research Partners shows that organizations that train leaders on compensation strategy and administration outperform others in key retention and engagement areas. During this webinar, Aptitude Partners CEO, Mollie Lombardi joins Katie Stukowski from to discuss:

  • How training managers in compensation strategy helps align the organization and avoid setting the wrong expectations around compensation
  • How to get your managers and employees in your organization talking about compensation confidently and productively
  • How open and transparent conversations about compensation lead to improved performance and retention
  • How HR leaders at best-in-class organizations are leveraging data and solutions to engage managers and employees in compensation decisions


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