The Next Generation of Compensation Technology


Leveraging new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities helps's CompAnalyst suite deliver the most accurate job matches and market prices in the market today.

Getting the right price for the right job every time is important to us.

That's why we've implemented advanced artificial intelligence (AI) neural network algorithms and machine learning processes in the all-new CompAnalyst that help our customers scope, price, and benchmark their jobs against the most robust data set in the market.

Data accuracy and organization Neural Network


Unparalleled Data Accuracy and Organization

We use advanced machine learning processes in CompAnalyst to clean, validate, normalize, extrapolate, analyze, and organize data into our market-leading job taxonomy. Through these ongoing machine learning processes, we are able to produce ever-increasing price accuracy and deliver a best-in-class data organization architecture that makes it easier than ever to browse and search for jobs.



Improved Data Access

Through our new taxonomy, we're able to group related jobs by family, function, and focus for easy access. We also leverage machine learning to identify previously unclassified relationships between jobs based on similar required skills, certifications, years of experience, and other factors to deliver both linear and non-linear lines of sight into potential career paths in your organization. 


Job Manager Competitive intelligence


Predictive Match and Scope Results

We've deployed machine learning in our new job taxonomy and information architecture to auto-suggest personalized job and scope matches during the market pricing process, as well as cross-match jobs across multiple disparate data sets based on your individual pricing preferences, saving you valuable time during the matching and pricing process.


New Competitive Intelligence

Just as we can suggest personalized matches based on your pricing preferences, we can also suggest matches based on our big data analysis of other customers' matches, or alert you when your matches do not align with those we see from other your peers. By assessing how other customers are matching and pricing their jobs and proactively notifying you when you fall outside these lines, these peer-to-peer pricing insights and alerts can help you stay competitive in today's talent market.


Proactive alerts Compensation expertise


Proactive Alerts

Our configurable alerts leverage machine learning and big data analysis to proactively notify you within your normal workflows when the system identifies potential data issues, out-of-date survey cuts, unusual composites, or mismatched jobs so you can proactively correct errors.



Powerful Compensation Expertise

Machine learning is a predictive technology, but is only as good as the initial data set that informs it and the human expertise that launches and refines it. Here at, we've implemented informed and directed machine learning practices that are framed within our decade-long experience in compensation data and overseen by highly experienced compensation practitioners, professionals, and data scientists. 



Discover how CompAnalyst's integrated AI processes can optimize your workflows and identify the actionable pricing insights that will keep you competitive in today's changing compensation landscape.